East Coast MMA & Fitness Child & Kid Programs

CHILD/KID BEGINNER STAND UP: A child’s developmental stages are crucial in sculpting the adult they eventually become. We all want our children to have every advantage but sometimes people overlook the obvious. Martial Arts instill determination, self-discipline and courage. Children are taught Focus, goal setting and lessons in success and failure in a positive and encouraging and disciplined atmosphere. Children learn the same techniques and concepts as adults in a more simplified “bigger picture” style.


CHILD/KID SPARRING: After a child demonstrates proficiency with technique as well as class protocol. They will be encouraged to enter the sparring class. In this class children are shown simple and effective defensive technique in the form of controlled drills as well as freestyle sparring sessions. Children will wear full protective equipment and have contact with other students in a controlled environment.


CHILD/KID GRAPPLING: The theory behind Stand up or “Striking” styles of martial arts is that the effective use of punches and kicks will be effective in keeping an attacker away. “Grappling” is used in the worst-case scenario that someone can get his or her hand on you. By combining escapes, throws, takedowns and joint manipulation students are armed with the ability to insure that everyone keeps their hands to themselves.