East Coast MMA & Fitness Adult Programs

BEGINNER STAND UP: Any and every altercation begins from a distance. The concept of keeping an adversary at a safe distance is the key to this aspect of self-defense. Our instructors believe that a mixture of the strongest striking arts is crucial to developing a solid foundation. Students will learn proper technique with regards to stance, footwork, punches, and kicks. Elements of Western Boxing, Muay Thai, and Karate are blended together in a 1-hour bag training class that is not only a great workout but is fun and engaging.

INTERMEDIATE STAND UP: Building on the foundation acquired in the beginner class, this class emphasizes the defense. Once students understand the proper offense, the defense will make more sense. Understanding the mechanics of all kicks and punches allows students to understand the weaknesses and exploit them. Again elements of Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate are blended in a way that emphasizes technique and effectiveness while being safe and fun.

GRAPPLING: There are times when our first line of defense if compromised and our personal space can be invaded. Grappling is used when an attacker gets passed striking distance and possibly gets a hand on you. Escapes, throws, take-downs, joint manipulation, pinning techniques and submission holds are shown through a blend of the most modern grappling styles including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Wrestling to guarantee that students can effectively protect themselves even if found underneath a much larger opponent. ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR WOMEN!

CIRCUIT TRAINING BASICS: Not only are our instructors extremely well trained in multiple styles of martial arts, they are also highly educated in the areas of nutrition and exercise physiology. Rather than just take the class through a workout, we believe that students should be taught the rational behind proper programming. Students are educated on the fundamentals of circuit training, exercise selection and proper technique combined with the affects of manipulation of acute exercise variables and their affects on the body’s energy systems. Students will get a great workout plus they will also learn how to workout on their own with full access to our strength and conditioning area.

COMPETITION CLASS: Less than 5% of all martial artists wish to compete, however that does not mean that we don’t have it available to you. Our instructors not only teach but they compete as well in all areas of martial arts including kickboxing, grappling and mixed martial arts. When students show proficiency in all other aspects of their training, they will be allowed to try this Elite Level class. This class is full contact and high intensity. Our instructors will be hands on with the class including live sparring. It is not uncommon for amateur and professional fighters from all aspects of martial arts to pay a visit to this class.